next week i will be killing myself cycling from whitehaven to sunderland.

why would you want to cycle from a shithole on the west coast of england to a shithole on the east coast? you may ask.

its all due to the prevailing winds.


bizarre reggae deaths number 3:

tenor saw: found dead by a roadside in texas (1988)


one of jungle's finest

after having it on a pirate tape, seen it blow up the labyrinth and never finding it on vinyl, dj hype's original mix (not the widely available and greatly inferior back2basics' remix)of 'you must think first' gets a repress.

i am a happy boy


just got: dj /rupture vs mutamassik – the bidoun sessions (shotgun wedding volume 1) cd

why tigerbeat try to circumvent copyright law by 'basing' its bootleg/mix offshoot label in new zealand and having 'promo only not for resale' on the cover i don't know, no other organisation working at this level (well under the record co.'s radar, by the looks of it- so far) seems to be arsed.

however, having said that they have released some spanking stuff (soundmurderer's 'wired for sound' being a particular favourite), something that can't really be said for the 'kid 606 jumps on another bandwagon' shockout sublabel that put out 3 12"s last year and mined the same vein that the bug, dj scud et al have been scrambling all over for the last few years

dj/rupture, whose tracks on the above 12"s were the highlights in terms of attempting to do something new with the yardcore template has been around a while now, since 'gold teeth thief' and 'the minesweeper suite' highlighted his ridiculous mixing skills and spot on tune selection (arabic-hiphop-ragga-jungle-noise). this mix continues this tradition, whilst sounding more like his dj sets that banged in a few more pop moments and tended to be less 'difficult': kelis pops up on here bigging up her milkshake, before the door gets kicked in , the bpms are cranked up and the bass drops.

oh, and he's on john peel this week.

mutamassik rips it up on her mix: playing similar tunes to rupture, put putting them together like a battle dj: booming ray keith style techstep gets slapped in the mix for a couple of seconds before being cut, chopped and blended into oblivion. serious cross-fader abuse. supposedly when mutamassik went to egypt, all copies of her record were confiscated by customs. that says a lot


if the soldiers responsible for (in the eyes of mainstream media)undermining the entire US/UK excursion in iraq are idiotic rednecks, 'bad apples' etc, how did they know exactly what to do in order to maximise the humiliation and degradation of muslim males?

answer: not by chance.

oh, and yet more proof that g. bush jr is clearly delusional


bad graffiti

some more pictures focussing on a pointless interest.

you can keep yer burners, i like the semi-literate, abusive, (hopefully) vulgar and rushed outpourings of deviant minds......you lookin' at me?

very suprised to read that mr john eden likes this shit. many thanks, although i am a touch baffled, especially when i read some old posts in search of a useful insight and found that i had written this:

"kristin anna's vocals were mesmerising throughout: half sung half spoken"

'MESMERISING!!!!!!' what a twat.

what i should have said was; "the singer evoked the spirit of the icelandic geology, harnessing the elements in a post-bjorkian wail, often falling to a near whisper in its attempts to reinvent the 'otherness' of her voice"

(and he wonders why i keep it quiet?)


some photos


bizarre reggae deaths number 2:

garnett silk: died in a gas canister explosion (1994, aged 24)


am i becoming a hippie?

at certain points yesterday i found myself:

a) sitting in a stone circle, smoking a 'recreational cigarette'.

b) in a pub with a group of friends who were having a discussion about juggling.

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