nice russ d(isciples) interview here


‘love thy neighbour' mix
(48 minutes 27 seconds)

1. sizzla & jesse jendau- 'ready ghetto youth’ (xterminator)

2. rod taylor- 'don't leave me' (education)
3. future trouble- 'jah bless me' (education)
4. roots radics & scully- 'cuss cuss (version)' (education)
5. ranking joe- 'one jah' (education)

6. gregory isaacs- '12 tribe dance' (v.i.s. records)
7. spanner banner- ‘can’t fight that feeling’ (v.i.s. records)
8. courtney melody- 'zion way' (v.i.s. records)
9. luciano- 'never grudge another' (v.i.s. records)

10. luciano- 'what we got to do' (fleximix)
11. ranking joe- 'world in trouble' (fleximix)
12. 'what we got to do (version)’ (fleximix)
13. ranking joe- 'world in trouble (vibronics skaboom rmx)’ (fleximix)
14. ranking joe- 'world in trouble (vibronics skaboom rmx) (version)’ (fleximix)

15. chronicle- 'fisherman row' (dubwise)
16. winston saxrose- ‘fisherman rose’ (dubwise)

17. selah collins- 'unify' (dubwise)
18. selah collins- 'unify (dub)’ (dubwise)

19. a jones- 'jah bless i' (jah tubbys)
20. a jones- 'jah bless I (dub)' (jah tubbys)

21. singer blue- 'the love of jah' (libra records)
22. singer blue- 'the love of jah (dub)' (libra records)

23. sizzla- 'i'll always love you' (germaican)
24. marco baresi- ‘valentine (version)’ (germaican)
25. gentleman- 'after the storm' (germaican)

26. glen washington- 'on and on' (joe frasier)
27. lloyd brown- ‘bongo nyah’ (joe frasier)
28. tanya stephens- ‘better luck’ (joe frasier)
29. ‘bongo nyah (version)’ (joe frasier)

30. ayo- 'i love you' (eclectic breaks)

if you want a copy email me, or click here i won't be uploading this again. please be nice to the people you come into contact with- every little helps.

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