printed shite

after its homophobic mocking of antony (and the johnsons) last week, the metro newspaper surpassed itself this morning with its review of 'welcome to jamrock'- to paraphrase:

'is that a language?! can't understand a word. what's he saying? eh? EH? EH?tribal beat quite nice. is it music?'

does this explain why i generally try to avoid it like the plague? must buy a new book to read today, or i may find myself jumping through the train's window to save what little sanity i have left.


the cowley road

many, many moons ago i wrote a little about oxford, specifically the friction between town and gown. well, someone has written a book on one of the only areas of oxford -traditionally, at least and therefore the most interesting- not controlled by the university: cowley road.

annie skinner 'cowley road- a history'

some links here:



unfortunately, whilst entirely worthwhile it reads like a potential phd- it is a touch too dry and academic considering the subject matter. and hi-lo, one of the great cowley road institutions gets barely a mention.

*having read it all the way through, i can now say its pretty damn awful*

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