just got: dj /rupture vs mutamassik – the bidoun sessions (shotgun wedding volume 1) cd

why tigerbeat try to circumvent copyright law by 'basing' its bootleg/mix offshoot label in new zealand and having 'promo only not for resale' on the cover i don't know, no other organisation working at this level (well under the record co.'s radar, by the looks of it- so far) seems to be arsed.

however, having said that they have released some spanking stuff (soundmurderer's 'wired for sound' being a particular favourite), something that can't really be said for the 'kid 606 jumps on another bandwagon' shockout sublabel that put out 3 12"s last year and mined the same vein that the bug, dj scud et al have been scrambling all over for the last few years

dj/rupture, whose tracks on the above 12"s were the highlights in terms of attempting to do something new with the yardcore template has been around a while now, since 'gold teeth thief' and 'the minesweeper suite' highlighted his ridiculous mixing skills and spot on tune selection (arabic-hiphop-ragga-jungle-noise). this mix continues this tradition, whilst sounding more like his dj sets that banged in a few more pop moments and tended to be less 'difficult': kelis pops up on here bigging up her milkshake, before the door gets kicked in , the bpms are cranked up and the bass drops.

oh, and he's on john peel this week.

mutamassik rips it up on her mix: playing similar tunes to rupture, put putting them together like a battle dj: booming ray keith style techstep gets slapped in the mix for a couple of seconds before being cut, chopped and blended into oblivion. serious cross-fader abuse. supposedly when mutamassik went to egypt, all copies of her record were confiscated by customs. that says a lot

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