shocks of mighty mix

this started as an attempt to tie in (loosely) to this thread- the idea being to create a reggae mix featuring only songs from compilations recommended by dissensians- but i, as always, became sidetracked and its nature changed.

so now this is a mix where all the songs, if not always from the pressure sounds / blood &fire / auralux / trojan camps, are available (apart from two). none of your exclusives and only one 7". i’ve included links so you can get them too, which of course you should- every home needs them.

it also gave me the opportunity to shoehorn in the ‘invasion’ rhythm mix i did before christmas (slightly edited- a touch of homophobia went unnoticed first time round), partly because i don’t generally like single rhythm mixes and partly because john eden made me feel stupid for not including the original ‘oh mr dc’ cut on the mix to start with.


1. frankie paul ‘like a soldier’/ ‘closer i get to you’/ ‘tidal wave’ (live)
(from: ‘powerhouse presents strictly live stock’, greensleeves lp- out of print)

2. frankie paul ‘tidal wave’
3. barrington levy ‘money move’
(from: 'george phang presents powerhouse vol. 1' virgin frontline cd)

4. johnny osbourne ‘truth and rights’
(from ‘truth and rights’ studio one lp)

5. johnny osbourne ‘truth an rights’
6. johnny osbourne & burro banton ‘the truth’
(Massive B 7")

7. judah eskender tafari ‘rastafari tell you’
(from: ‘studio one disco mix’ soul jazz lp)

8. sugar minott ‘oh mr dc’
(from: ‘showcase’ studio one lp. available on this)

9. fanton mojah 'hungry'
10. anthony b 'you're so fine'
11. george nooks 'call on jah'
12. sizzla 'for the best'
13. d.y.c.a. 'misunderstanding'
14. capleton 'invasion'
15. fanton mojah, sugar minott & military man 'd.c.'
(all from: ‘rhythm streetz series 3- invasion riddim & maroon riddim’ downsound jamaica cd)

16. devon irons & dr alimantado ‘vampire’
(from: ‘lee scratch perry and friends- open the gate’ trojan lp box set)

17. jah warrior ‘vampire dub’ (from: jah warrior 12")

18. lee perry interview
(from: ‘divine madness ... definitely’ pressure sounds lp)

19. ijahman levi ‘i’m a levi (extended mix)’
(from: basic replay 12")

20. lennox miller ‘better must come’ / jah coller ‘speaks his mind’
(from: ‘jack ruby hi fi’ auralux lp)

21. brian & tony gold 'pass me the dubplate'
(from: 'king jammy's the rhythm king' maximum pressure lp)

22. tiger 'bam bam'
(from: 'the revenge of king jammy's superpower allstars part 1' jahmin' records lp. also available on: 'ragga soundclash- the ultimate dancehall session', metro/union square music cd)

23. andrew bees ‘militant’
(from: basic replay 12")

24. sizzla 'life's road'
(from: 'rough inna town- the xterminator sound' maximum pressure lp)

77 mins 56 secs

so, download here.
as usual, if you want a hard copy or have problems with the link, contact me.

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