bad graffiti

some more pictures focussing on a pointless interest.

you can keep yer burners, i like the semi-literate, abusive, (hopefully) vulgar and rushed outpourings of deviant minds......you lookin' at me?

very suprised to read that mr john eden likes this shit. many thanks, although i am a touch baffled, especially when i read some old posts in search of a useful insight and found that i had written this:

"kristin anna's vocals were mesmerising throughout: half sung half spoken"

'MESMERISING!!!!!!' what a twat.

what i should have said was; "the singer evoked the spirit of the icelandic geology, harnessing the elements in a post-bjorkian wail, often falling to a near whisper in its attempts to reinvent the 'otherness' of her voice"

(and he wonders why i keep it quiet?)

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