whilst this was going on, i was sitting at the in-laws half listening to a looped conversation concerning an upcoming wedding that went on all night.

which would you prefer?


battles (and four tet)@ hebden bridge picture house

first things first, this was by far the most spectacular journey to a gig i've ever done- over deserted moorland, with a sense of being on top of the world. an owl floated past as we looked down on 'bronte country' in the evening sunlight. not very edgy i know, but it beats sleeping in a phone box because you've missed the last bus home.

hebden bridge and its picture house are very impressive too, although a 'concerned' work colleague informed me that it (hebden bridge) was full of hippies and lesbians. having safely negotiated these unseen traps during our walk from the car, the picture house was full of young bohemian types who seemed to have an inflated sense of self importance.

the live version of battles was more engaging than the recorded output- a combination of drummer, and 3 guitarists, 2 of whom also play keyboards/laptop/ effects- at various points the guitar/keyboard players used a natty trick of using the left hand to play the guitar(on the fretboard) whilst the right played the synth, a single left leg did a strange wobbly dance and the drummer smacked the shit out of his kit.

some people stood up and danced (or rather flayed), but it was clear that the majority of the audience were here to see four tet and seemed rather more beer focussed than anything else, which for some reason got my hackles up, especially after we had to stand up to let the same group of people out of the row for a piss/ beer for the 6th time in half an hour.

so, rather stay and get angry once battles finished their astounding set, we had a lovely drive home as darkness fell. as the four tet live experience is kieron with 2 laptops i doubt we missed much, frankly.

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