some carnival thoughts

did our usual doings: get down to channel 1 and then do an elongated trip round the block (up leamington road, st lukes road etc). this year every corner had a wicked sound.

channel 1 at carnival is an EVENT. consistently one of the best soundsystems playing and many positive vibes flowing. it’s still enjoyable watching the faces of people cutting through to westbourne park road break into a broad smile when the bass drops; heavy but healing. nice tribute to coxsone included.

the next sound (no idea of the name) was pure grime with added reggae sound effects: teenage black yout’ in boiler suits spitting mad lyrics over 8-bar wizzbit style beats. an awesome female mc, hungry to grab the mic at every opportunity, self-contained collective, not really giving a fuck. bass drops. strange mix of people- post 30 white boys (including us) combined with 17 year old rude girls in matching outfits and a strong shell suit / nike airs / baseball cap (tightest fit) contingent. actualy, scratch that- it wasn't in the slightest bit strange given the demographic(s) of music blogdom, rephlex and east-end street corners, it' s just that the seperate streams were coming together in the real world, on neutral ground.

confusion were playing pure old school jungle (‘who loves jungle? I SAID who loves jungle music?’) and drum’n’bass; shy fx’s ‘wolf’ was rinsed out on a number of occasions, but they certainly weren’t scared of the amen. full on brock out. dj's playing tag team style. one of them looked like a proper bedroom spod let loose on an audience for the first time. devious d played a raging set (didn’t he once do a tune on sub base with bizzy b, who’s recently released a lovely 10” double pack on planet mu?)- back to 1995. really good to see lots of younger kids appreciating it (and going mental- could almost be a mosh pit).

this must surely signal the rehabilitation of jungle that is long over due- general levy in the charts again is just around the corner………………………………………………………………………………


first day back. got home from notting hill carnival at 2.00am after sitting stationary on both the north circular and the m1 for a total of 2 1/2 hours last night. 4 hours sleep. most functions are blurry. musically it was the best carnival for a while: wicked reggae, grime, jungle and dancehall bizniss and a generally chilled atmosphere. more as i wake up.

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