We locked you up in jail for 25 years and you were innocent all along? That’ll be £80,000 please

once again* mr d. blunkett shows himself to be not only an arse, but stupid and lacking in any common sense.
unfortunately he also has a scary disregard for democracy.
at this rate, we'll start to think that compared to this, PFIs aren't so bad after all

*after a very brief search, i found:


sunderland, the land where every alcoholic’s dreams can be fulfilled. but not in a good way.

in the toilet having a piss. two lads (late twenties) talking. didn’t understand a fucking word. and I go out with a mackem.

later on in que club. if you saw a photo it would look like an indie club crowd. seeing the moving, living version you realise they are no different to a yates’ mob. god the music is so banal. indie by numbers and not one surprise. one kid can’t stand up. he’s trying, but his legs don’t work. his feet have been nailed to the floor and he just falls into his friends repeatedly . they solve this by picking him up, putting him on a stool and keeping him upright by grabbing his throat. what are mates for, eh?

in the taxi queue an argument breaks out between a lad and a girl, who is with her boyfriend. words are exchanged. boyfriend says “don’t get me involved, I just want a pizza”


as i write, the builders outside my window at work are listening to, and commenting on, the budget............................


does dave katz have the most boring writing style ever? talk about wringing every last bit of excitement, wonder and otherliness out of reggae and publishing the dry bones........shame.


subdub: iration steppa’s vs disciples

our first subdub of the year, and well worth the drive into town as iration have just upgraded their sound system.

the crowd was a good mix and as usual well up for it, if a little partisan (especially considering its not a ‘real’ soundclash)
iration and disciples played 20-30 minutes each apiece; interestingly, russ d was playing all his stuff off cdrs, as was mark later on- they actually put the cover over the decks, leaving them unused for most of the time we were there.

things didn’t start kicking until russ d came on for the first time: heavy, heavy militant steppas with much sweeter vocals than expected and jonah dan on the mic; modern roots of the highest order.

the focus then became the new turbo iration soundsystem: mark iration was bigging it up throughout the night, but ‘kinell, so he should; its now proper FIERCE. its always been loud, but I’ve always felt (literally) that it lacked depth of frequency somewhere (compared to say, shaka or channel 1). now though, its got a great range and the bass absolutely destroys, without the middle and top suffering. the whole iration crew were tweaking and smiling all night. its power really shone during the third (?) round, when russ d started a lone 130bpm 4/4 kick drum for a couple of minutes, minimal tweaking, slowly adding guitar chops: rewind ahoy! awesome tech-dub which flowed back into the heavy roots he was playing previously.

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