invasion rhythm mix

alongside 'notorious', my rhythm of the year.

in april we went to new york for the first time. just up the street from where we were staying, there was a tiny hat shop which also seemed to sell mix cds.
wandering in and expressing an interest in the modern roots booming from the back of the shop, i immediately had half a dozen cds from various n.y. based selectors pressed into my hands by the owner, which were purchased on spec.

indeed, the friendliness of just about everyone we met in n.y. was the most pleasant, expectation crushing suprise of 2005 (this was explained by a local thus; '9/11 made us humble'), although things didn't start well. at customs on landing, i was escorted into a seperate office by silent n.y. cop looking stereotypes.
my passport and 'file' were then handed to a bank of men sitting behind computers on a raised portion at the far end of the room. after about 5 minutes an official looked sternly in my direction and, silently, returned my passport. in sharp contrast, on returning to the uk the customs officials were jovial and possibly drunk, waving through all and sundry with barely a glance.

this rhythm- an update of sugar minott's 'oh mr d.c.'- featured on just about every one of the mixes, became a steadfast favourite when we got home (in particular the fanton mojah and d.y.c.a versions- although sizzla's increasingly bizarre vocal stylings deserve an honourable mention) and raises a smile as i listen to it now.


fanton mojah 'hungry'
anthony b 'you're so fine'
george nooks 'call on jah'
sizzla 'for the best'
d.y.c.a. 'misunderstanding'
capleton 'invasion'
bascom x 'praises'
fanton mojah, sugar minott & military man 'd.c.'

(16mins 30secs)

download here:



reissue of the year?

i may be slow-this was reissued in august, but this release is essential and cheap (cheaper still in some record shops):

basically a george phang / powerhouse greatest hits from the years immediately before the digital/ sleng teng revolution. personally speaking, this stuff is even better than the junjo lawes productions of the same period- they sound fresher to these ears. every tune a scorcher. terrible sleeve notes.

if you like this stuff, search the second hand bins for the (deleted?) powerhouse live and direct lp on greensleeves which adds dancehall excitement to many of the tunes on the cd.

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