when 500 7"s clash (part 1)

earlier this year dub vendor were doing a stock clearance, and offering a box of 500 random JA and UK 7"s from the past 10 years very cheap.

this is going to be an attempted to use them constructively- to give a sense of the variety of productions on offer and possibly an insight into the jamaican record industry, and the vast amount of music it creates.

if nothing else, it will show how poor the average reggae 7" pressing is.

first up, a nice roots combination between two reggae greats on possibly the best reggae label of recent years, with linval bringing the positive vibes to the studio which clearly rubs off on mr collins:

sizzla & linval thompson- 'the only one', xterminator (2003)- 'jailhouse ram' rhythm

disclaimer: the mp3s will be low quality and often cut short (as in the above case), so if you do like a song, go and buy it seen?

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