10 dancehall DVDs through the post (part two)

stereo mars hi-fi (1985). ‘live from skateland’, tena saw [sic] starts this one, leaping across a crowded stage; ‘you gotta be conscious…you gotta be smart’. nicodemus, super cat and burro banton, all wearing matching white shirts and suits take over, ribbiting and binging for a bit before handing back to tenor saw who sings the opening refrain from ‘ring the alarm’.
the crowd get very excited and the director cuts.
there is however, a bloke in the crowd dancing away whilst carrying a huge boom box. ‘sleng teng’ makes an appearance. selector danny dread brings to mind a healthy looking augustus pablo.
‘some girl a lesbian, but me a champion’ proclaims little john; a character out of ‘goodfellas’ mooches. he looks very relaxed and proceeds to get a fair bit of camera time- must be important.
dance gets rammed as pre-digital takes over with help from cutty ranks, among others.
a winning race-horse gets airtime and ending credits.
a massive, but less exuberant hat count.

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