this was the issue all along

alongside the on-going debate about homophobia in reggae and the recent human-rights watch report, the argument within jamaican society at large about whether homosexuality should be legalised seems to have come to the fore again.

indeed, it even made it onto 5live last night, with 'a famous jamaican talkshow host'
making it pretty clear (she stopped short of stating that all gays should be killed) that she was against the idea.

in november the jamaican government rejected the human rights watch report (which highlighted police brutality and persecution of homosexuals.
but now the opposition (JLP) justice minister, delroy chuck has called for the jamaican government to repeal the ban, sending the conservative members of the population into mouth foaming apoplexy.

as you'd expect, its a heated debate sucking in other issues such as colonialism, the bible and highlighting the ignorance of many- "homosexuals are intensely jealous of their partners"

however, there are some who take on a more liberal approach

it seems unlikely to change the everyday experiences of homosexuals in jamaica- calling an opposition MP gay is considered a reasoned criticism. maybe outrage! could help?

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