is this getting silly?

tatchell after an all out ban of the mobo's

it seems that mr tatchell is starting to get foam-at-the-mouth mentallist in a 'BAN IT ALL' style. now, even apologising for previously made homophobic remarks isn't enough. its moving towards a 'taliban with better dress sense' type scenario. it also means that any 'enlightened' statements from the reggae community are now pointless.

outrage! state that their "witty, imaginative, daring, and irreverent style of nonviolent civil disobedience has elevated activism into an art form: protest as performance". so where's it all gone so wrong in this case? tactics that leave the archbishop of canterbury looking confused and lost are abandoned in favour of playing to daily mail readers and no-one who listens to reggae or the gay community benefits.

have outrage! thought about what the broader impact of this might be?

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