I don't believe for one minute that [RD] James has reverted back to his roots in soldering irons and voltage control. Once you've made the move to software, there's really no going back. But perhaps he's using his Powerbook to emulate the sound of his analogue recordings? I hope so!

oh yes he has! supposedly, AFX has been dusting off his 303s, 606s and 909s to create the analord stuff. my only concern is quality control; drukqs was too much- both in terms of the amount of music (some of it truly excellent) and packaging- who the fuck can sensibly store a two foot long record cover? the actual bits of plastic are lost somewhere alongside many other anonymous plain black 12"s.

to be honest, i haven't bought a great deal of electronica over the past couple of years (the collapse of the wave function vol 2 7" being the last, and that sounds like ghostly instumental ragga) mainly because of the lack of depth in the production- put some on after a reggae, jungle or hip hop tune and it invariably sounds horribly weak and badly mastered. this could well be a failing of the laptop aesthetic, but i have a feeling that all too often the artists are busy being clever (in a number crunching 'look at me' way) and not actually listening.

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