teacher's don't teach enough

as far as christine's concerned, i don't teach enough for another reason: too much holiday.

tomorrow is my last day at work until the end of august. i don't have a home computer. little activity here will result.

sorry (for the holiday, not the lack of activity).

go and listen/buy:

tanya stephens 'better luck' 7" (joe frazier)- her best since 'its a pity'(which can now be found on the recently released 'doctor's darling' one rhythm lp)?

chronicle 'fisherman row' 12" (dubwise)- mixed by disciples. fantastic modern steppas, not too minimal (can listen to it at home!), BASS.

mikey dread 'african anthem'(auralux recordings)- everything you've heard about it is true- the best intros ever, followed by classic 70s dub (the 'whip them king tubby' lp on the same label is recommended too- linval thompson in the area).

dat politics 'go pets go' (chicks on speed)- kings/queen of the 8-bit melody return! this actually sounds as if it was created on a laptop (whereas previous releases have been created on a laptop, but sound as if they were created on a broken old synth by a one fingered 4 year old- this is a good thing): this almost sounds like a house record, but somehow something's wrong. this too is a good thing.

to top it all off there's another bloody dj rupture mix cd out. it will have to wait.

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