just got a couple of the 'revenge of king jammy's super power allstars' lps (there are 12 volumes in total). really good '80s jammy's productions, some different vocals over known rhythms (i refuse to write 'riddims'), some rhythms i've not heard before

half are in 'megamix' style and half on their own with a good mixture of sweet vocals, deejay's riding the tune in a 'bing bing biddley bing bong' style and some good females too, both singing and deejaying (disclaimer: this says more about the small number of female artists in reggae compared to males than the quality/ability of girls).

and, best of all there is a song by the fantastically named...... major mackerel. rrrrreeeeespect!!!!!!

bizarre reggae deaths number 1:

hugh mundell: died in an argument about a fridge (1983, aged 21)

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