before and after drug use picture campaign

on this album cover (which includes an ace '80s version of 'storm' mr isaacs looks remarkably like an 'after' image from this campaign, what with the missing teeth and dead eyes.

some excellent reggae photos to be found here


farmers manual come to...huddersfield!



having watched some cnn over the weekend (foreign ads, only english station in hotel), i can see why americans would vote bush as the bias is unimaginable- supposedly cnn (unlike fox) has something of a reputation to maintain but its actually like a rolling republican advertorial.
the overall debate is either at the level of the playground or focusses wholly on irrelevent details (eg: whether there were 360 or 260 tonnes of explosives stolen under the us militaries noses- christ 260 tonnes is STILL A LOT, you twats) , whole aspects of news items are not discussed (much of the bin laden video was ignored, such as the 'we will only bomb states that vote bush' bit). everyone on there also seems to have a 5 second memory (rumsfeld never lies according to cnn) and blindly trusts officials and politicians, even when they are thrashing about and failing to answer any questions of substance.

no wonder so many americans are contemplating emigrating if bush wins.

a new fire wall at work is stopping me using almost anything on internet, so until i get a home computer- soon, soon, posts are minimal.....

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